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The community for
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When you join The Community Club, our community of community professionals becomes an extension of your own Community team. Come for the events, resources, and programs. Stay for the people.

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Find a mentor who can be a trusted partner through your community journey
Connect with other community builders to collaborate and learn together
Attend our events for detailed knowledge from community experts across industries

Join 1,000s of community builders

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Connect with peers while working towards a Community-Led future

The next decade will be dominated by Community-Led organizations, and The Community Club will help community builders feel informed and empowered to implement important change within their organizations.

Read more about our mission and take the Community-Led assessment to learn what your organization can do to become Community-Led.

The Community Club is where community builders level up their careers

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Take the next step in your career with C School's industry-leading programs. Our self-paced and cohort-based courses will help you (or your team) build a stellar community career.


Whether you're actively looking for your next role, casually browsing, or just curious about Community roles at growing companies, we've got you covered.

Private Slack

Get help and support from other community builders — in real time. The Community Club Slack is a private group where current and former community pros ask and answer questions and share knowledge, resources, and career opportunities.


Whether you're a community newbie looking to understand the big picture, or an industry veteran on the hunt for guidance about your niche, we've got you. Join us for workshops, interviews, seminars, and more, all designed to help you become the best community builder that you can be.

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The Community Club is the first place I go when I'm looking to brainstorm or bounce ideas around, and their content and conversations are staples for my professional development.
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Willa Tellekson-Flash
Director of Community,

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Looking for hands on community help?

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Looking to find your first Community team member or your next hire? We can help!
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Level up with hands-on and async training for you and your entire Community team.
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Know you need strategy help but not sure where to turn? We've got your back!