Community Club is a nonprofit association dedicated to community professionals and the craft of community building.

Community Club has become a fully independent organization and will be nonprofit member association for community professionals.
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To elevate collaboration opportunities and increase awareness of the craft of community building by facilitating impactful connections among community professionals, within communities we lead, and with partnered industries. 

Some of the Ways to Get Involved

Mentorship Program
Mentorship Program
Share your community wisdom and/or learn from experienced leaders in a guided program.
Accountability Group
Accountability Group
Team up with likeminded community pros to support & motivate each other.
Help Shape the Club
Help Shape the Club
Cultivate the new Club organization by joining a working group, committee or even the board.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Community Club?
Community Club is an independent nonprofit association dedicated to connecting community professionals and advancing the craft of community building. Community Club aspires to support connections among the global ecosystem of professional community builders across all experience levels, industries, markets, and organization types. The Club will provide resources, programs, and unique networking opportunities to help community professionals make a positive impact in their professional and personal communities.
Community Club, initially founded in 2020, was restructured as an independent community organization in late 2023, and relaunched in 2024.
What’s the mission of Community Club
Our mission is to elevate collaboration opportunities and increase awareness of the craft of community building by facilitating impactful connections among community professionals, within communities we lead, and with partnered industries. 
Who can join The Community Club? How does one become a member of the Club, and what does Membership entail?
Club “membership” is currently informal, which includes joining our Slack space of over 5k community professionals all over the world. This informal membership is and will remain free and open to all community professionals regardless of experience level, location, industry, or specialization. We intend to introduce a more advanced membership level in 2025, surpassing our current offerings. If you're interested in assisting with the development and creation of this program, please express your interest on the Get Involved form.
How does one get involved in the Club
There are several ways to get involved in the Club ranging from signing up for our newsletter, participating in events, joining discussions on slack, signing up for our mentorship program. If you are interested in helping cultivate the Club itself, there’s a wide variety of ways to get more involved including as a volunteer on a specific project, committee member, Board of Advisors member, or even as a member of the Board of Directors. Get involved You can sign up to learn more about any of these opportunities on the Get Involved form.
What specifically does it mean that the Club is a nonprofit?
As a nonprofit, the Club's primary focus is not to generate profits for its own benefit, but rather to fulfill its mission and serve its community. Specifically, the Community Club is an independent membership-based association applying for nonprofit tax-exempt status. The Club will be a 501(c)(6) nonprofit, a specific tax-exemption code in the US. Unlike the more common 501(c)(3) non-profit which focus on charitable activities, 501(c)(6) organizations represent the business interests of their members. See examples of other newer/smaller nonprofit member associations. Nonprofit entities must file annual returns with the IRS, which are publicly available. They are also required or encouraged to adopt various transparency and good governance policies, such as recording minutes of board meetings and disclosures on conflicts of interest. The Club’s Organizational Bylaws and other official documents can be found on our About page.
What resources are available at The Community Club?
The Community Club currently offers a range of resources including mentorship programs, educational courses, newsletters, and events. Sign up to learn more on our Get Involved form.
What is the code of conduct?
The Community Club has a code of conduct that outlines our expectations for behavior within the community. You can find the code of conduct here.
Who is on the board?
Note: We are looking for 2 new members to join our board. If you are interested please lets us know on the Get Involved form, or if you want to suggest or nominate someone who would be good please contact Erik directly (Erik@community.club).
Marilyn Bekolo is a social impact leader with 10+ years of experience within the intersection of community, technology, and diversity. She began her community management journey supporting Google’s Global Ministers of Education initiatives. She has continued her passion for serving as a global community strategist through her work with startups, VC firms, nonprofits, and creators in emerging markets. Currently, she serves as a Principal Partner at Communitus.xyz which is a community management agency supporting global brands. Marilyn is a Detroit native and proud alum of Howard University (B.A. Pre-Law Communications/Culture) and the University of Pennsylvania (M.S. Nonprofit Leadership). You can find her on linkedin.
Victoria Cumberbatch has a decade of flavorful know-how in bringing engaging, invigorating, and resonant experiences to life. She firmly believes in the transformative power of connection, creativity and community with a mission to create spaces where people can connect, grow, collaborate, and confidently take action toward their dreams. She founded adventuresOFcommunity to fulfill her mission through transformation coaching, workshop design & facilitation, and hosting myriad events. You can find her through her sitenewsletter, or linkedin!
Erik Martin is the President of The Community Club. He has worked on a wide variety of community-powered businesses including Reddit, Depop, Nike, WeWork, Teal, & Commsor. He’s currently the Head of Community at Midjourney. He's an amateur history nerd with a particular obsession with early 1900s church cookbooks & other communal projects. He's also currently an advisor to Belongly, a professional community for mental health providers. You can find him on hueypriest.com *Kim Hackmann is the COO of Commsor and currently serves as the Secretary and Treasurer of The Community Club. Prior to joining Commsor, Kim worked as an Operations Partner at Levy and AbstractOps, providing back-office operations support to a number of early stage start-ups. *Non-voting Officer
Under our Bylaws, all board members are term limited to no more than 2 terms of 2 years each.
What is the History of The Community Club?
The Community Club was founded in 2020 by Mac Reddin. It was initiated as a part of a project that eventually evolved into the company Commsor, a community software builder. Commsor and its team members invested significant time and resources into the Club, to help support the emerging community profession. In 2023, Commsor realized that the best thing for the Community Club was to "release it back into the wild" and restructure it as an independent nonprofit. Commsor established the independent entity and provided the initial funding and logistics to help the "rewilded" Club and its community find a sustainable path for the future.
Why did Commsor spin out the Club?
Since creating the Community Club, Commsor’s software product focus evolved toward different customer markets, moving away from communities and community professionals. As a result, it no longer made sense for the company to continue investing in the Community Club. However, they were reluctant to shut it down or let it gradually go fallow. So, they devised a creative solution: transforming the Club into a completely separate nonprofit entity.
Commsor also hopes that “rewilding” the Community Club will serve as a model for other companies to follow if maintaining their created communities no longer makes business sense. While there have been instances of companies doing this, like Honeybook spinning out the Rising Tides community, many more companies have simply shut down vibrant communities when it no longer made “business” sense. To learn more about Commsor and their tools to build a strong and engaged network, visit https://www.commsor.com/
As community professionals we believe that communities are living, breathing ecosystems and hope to share any learnings from this rewilding process with other companies and communities.

Join over 5k community professionals in our Slack space.

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