Community Team Leadership

Get certified in community team leadership in 12 weeks

This 12-week, cohort-based certification course taught by a master community builder will take you from individual contributor to leadership-ready.

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This course is available only to experienced community builders who have held community roles for 3+ years and mastered the material taught in our Community Essentials certification.
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An immersive, supportive learning experience designed to build leaders.

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Small Cohorts

We cap our cohorts at 15 students, to give you hands-on attention and help you build deep relationships with peers and instructors.

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Expert Instructors

Our leadership certification is taught by instructors who have held VP and C-level community roles at enterprise-scale organizations.

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Practical Approach

Dive into expect instructor-facilitated practice scenarios and practical asset creation to help you gain work-applicable skills.

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Vetted Peer Network

You'll get access to a private community with peers and industry-renowned experts. Community access is free, forever.

What you'll learn over 12 weeks

Community & Business
Week 1
The Business of Community
Week 2
Vision & Goal Setting for Community Leaders
Week 3
Measurement & ROI
Week 4
Workflows in Community Leadership
Week 5
Operational Excellence
Week 6
Community at Scale
Team & People
Week 7
Budget & Headcount
Week 8
Hiring & Org Charts
Week 9
People Management & Coaching
Executive Communication
Week 10
Cross-Functional Collaboration
Week 11
Presentations, Storytelling, and Thought Leadership
Week 12
Executive Communication

Meet the guest speakers

Because no community or community career is the same, C School students will also benefit from the perspectives of experienced guest speakers and mentors. Guest speakers will provide varied perspectives on everything from diversity, equity, and inclusion literacy for community leaders to how community leadership varies at scale.

Erica Kuhl
Strategic Consultant, prev. VP Community, Salesforce
Shana Sumers
Senior Manager, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Communities, HubSpot
Joe Pishgar
Chief Community Officer, Vertical Scope
Stephanie Grice
Head of Global Community, Atlassian
Jenn Pedde
VP of Customer Advocacy, People Path
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Joining C School has been a defining moment for my career. The time-to-value of the course was ridiculously fast, and I was able to apply learnings immediately to strengthen the community function at Kajabi. The curriculum broke down some longstanding barriers that I had been facing for some time. I now feel even more equipped to define and pursue my own leadership career path in community.
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Paul Choi
Senior Manager, Community @ Kajabi

Cost & Financing

$3,000 USD
What's Included:
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12 weeks of live, two-hour classes
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Guided practice sessions and work-applicable projects with instructor feedback
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Office hours with your master instructor
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Sessions with senior and executive community guest speakers
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Access to a private, vetted peer network of other rising and current community leaders
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Access to course content (including templates and recordings), forever
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Most students finance their participation via employer sponsorship. You can use our guide for employers to start a conversation with your boss about financing your participation.

We also provide a limited number of scholarships for this track, and recommend qualified candidates apply regardless of their ability to finance the program.

Thanks for your interest in C School! Don’t forget to fill out an application form, if you haven’t already.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?
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C School's leadership course was designed for experienced community professionals preparing to grow into leadership positions. While years of experience in the field can be subjective, we believe this program is most likely suited to community professionals with between 3-10 years of experience in the community industry. Students entering this course should already have a deep understanding of community's potential to create meaningful business impact, and will be ready to dig in to classes and exercises that help them prepare to lead other community professionals and express community's value and impact to executives.

The best way to evaluate if this program is right for you is to review the curriculum listed above alongside the curriculum for our essentials certification. For students who have not mastered all of the material covered in our essentials certification, we recommend taking that program first. We also offer a discount for students wishing to take both certifications consecutively — please contact our team at for more details.

This program is fully remote. If accepted into the program, you will be given the chance to review a schedule of required live events prior to confirming your enrollment.

Why choose C School?
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C School is the first comprehensive community management training school on the market, offering live cohort-based courses to community professionals at any stage of their career. We started off offering a foundational program for career-changers and early-career CMs, and now we're building on our success with those programs to offer the first-ever training program geared specifically toward community leadership.

C School is built by the team that brought you The Community Club, an innovative professional network for community builders that's frequented and beloved by some of the top professionals in the field. All C School programs are small cohort-based (live and capped at 15 students) to ensure you actually achieve the outcome you're looking for. They're taught by experienced professionals, and full of hands-on opportunities to practice the skills you learn.

While other online courses (and even live cohort-based courses) tend to offer students lots of information to choose from and ingest on their own time, we guide our students through a specific and actionable program, so that they can reach their desired outcome without getting overwhelmed or stuck.

Joining C School is less like enrolling in another online course and more like having a team of professional Community Managers dedicated to helping you grow your career.

What is the time commitment?
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C School students on our leadership track can expect to spend about five hours per week on this program, inclusive of live classes, peer group sessions, and independent study combined throughout the course of 12 weeks. We know community pros are busy, so you can expect about half of that commitment to be asynchronous, in your own time.

Actual timing of real-time classes varies from cohort to cohort. If the general time commitment works for you, we recommend applying, as you'll have the chance to review the actual schedule prior to confirming enrollment.

How much does the program cost, and what are my payment options?
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C School tuition is $3,000 USD per student. Most students within this track are able to finance the course through a learning and development budget offered by their employers. We also provide an employer guide to help you ask your employer for financing for this course.

We also offer three, six, and 12-month payment plans for students looking to finance their career development on a more flexible timeline.

Lastly, we maintain a scholarship program designed to help us ensure our cohorts include the most qualified applicants, regardless of their ability to pay — as such, we encourage prospective students to apply regardless of their ability to finance the program. You will be able to apply for funding options within the main application.

Why this price?
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C School tuition is set at a level that allows our dedicated, full-time staff to offer the best possible training. We believe our training equips graduates to not only excel in their current roles, but also be well equipped to compete in the growing job market for community leaders.

While there are many incredible educational resources available for Community Managers that sit at varying price points, C School is the only program on the market offering this level of in-depth, hands-on instruction. We cap our cohorts at 15 students, which lets us take a personalized approach to help them succeed.

Creating a program that's this hands-on and comprehensive requires full-time staff dedicated to building and executing. We know that for many students, this program will be an investment, and we're dedicated to making that investment worthwhile. We also offer a flexible payment plan and scholarship options for students who are qualified but unable to fund the program.

Still have questions? You can email our team for additional help at