the club fund

The Club Fund was created by community professionals building towards the future of community-driven companies. We invest in community tools, platforms, and other companies that we know will make an impact on how we gather, connect, and engage.

Investments in community by community.

โ€” in partnership with โ€”

More than just funding

We actively support our community with more than just capital - we are your community partners.


Access to a growing community of other founders, professionals, investors, and advisors to help you in your journey.

PRย &ย Marketing

Opportunities for marketing and PR through Commsor, Community Club, and other community networks.

First Customers

Access to early potential customers, adopters and beta users, helping you with early distribution.

Product Insights

We work with 100s of community products each year, and can provide hands on product feedback and insights.

Commsor Access

Get early access to our product team, leadership, events, and dedicated partner integrations.

The Community Council

Access to the many of the top leaders in the community, developer relations, and related industries.

What we look for

  • A team with strong potential and vision
  • Products and tools that will improve how communities are built, grown, and engaged
  • Early stage companies looking for their first capital investment

How we invest

  • $25k-50k check size at pre-seed, seed or even earlier
  • Globally (yes really), we believe talent is universal!
  • We don't lead, but we're happy to be your first check and bring in other firms to invest alongside us

Ready to join the club?

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