code of conduct

By participating in the Community Club, you agreed to abide by our code of conduct. Abusing these guidelines may result in your removal from the community.

No spammy behavior

- Light self-promotion is totally fine, but you can't constantly promote your business/podcast/etc. Participate organically!

- No straight-up marketing, please. Again, participate organically!

- No random links to non-community stuff (unless in designated channels)

Keep it on-topic

- This is primarily a place for folks in the community world to talk all things community, with general chat okay in appropriate channels

- Top-level comments should be made in the appropriate channel; if an off-topic comment is posted it will be removed

No hateful, racist, sexist, etc speech will be tolerated

- This isn't difficult. You do it, you're banned.

Use real names and companies

- Pseudonymous communities are great and have their place… This is a space for meeting others and building professional relationships, so real names and companies should be used

Keep it above board

- Don't post, share, or solicit illegal content

Don't be a jerk

- If you're found to be harassing or being a jerk to anyone else in our community, you're outta here

No politics

- We know that political discourse, especially now, is extremely important. This rule isn't meant to stifle beliefs or ideals, it's simply meant to avoid intense, heated political discussions in our community.

This is not a marketplace

- We're not here for you to sell things through our community