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We build community builders.

C School is the first ever comprehensive career change program for aspiring community managers. With more interest in building online communities than ever, community management has quickly become one of today's most exciting and promising career paths. This twelve-week program combines live, hands-on instruction with collaborative work and guided independent practice to teach students everything they need to know to land their first job as a full-time community manager.

C School's inaugural cohort launches in Aprilβ€”applications are now closed. To be notified of future cohorts, join the waitlist and become one of the most in-demand professional candidates in this growing space. πŸ‘‡

Cohort 0 Dates

April 6th - June 24th

Application Deadline

March 1st

Program Cost


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Is community management the career for you?

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"Mark my words: Community Manager is going to be a CAREER little kids talk about wanting to be when they grow up."

Alexis Ohanian
Reddit Co-Founder

Meet your instructor and guest speakers

Noele is the primary instructor for C School. She spent the last four years building a highly successful community program from the ground up, and has already dedicated her efforts to educating people about community management via a consulting practice and an educational blog. Her experience as a high school teacher coupled with her passion for community building make her the perfect teacher for our inaugural cohort of C School.

Because no community or community career is the same, C School students will also benefit from the perspectives of experienced guest speakers, interviewers, and mentors. Guest speakers will provide varied perspectives on everything from community at the executive level to running internal communities and more.

Noele Flowers

Community Education Manager
@ Commsor

Jocelyn Hsu

Manager of Community Engagement
@ PicsArt

Tessa Kriesel

Head of Developer Relations
@ Fast

Holly Firestone

VP of Community
@ Venafi

Najva Sol

Head of Product & Marketing
@ Earnest Capital

Marjorie Anderson

Product Manager, Digital Communities

Erica Moss

Sr. Manager, Community Engagement
@ Atlassian

Carter Gibson

Program Lead, Internal Community Management
@ Google

What's Covered?

Changing careers is a big featβ€”C School makes it manageable. Each week includes two live sessions: One to learn new information with an experienced instructor and one to practice new knowledge with your peer group. Outside of live instruction, students will work on independent projects designed to give them real, work-applicable experience before they apply for their first role.

Plus, the program includes:

Program Schedule

Week 1 - Foundations of Community Management

Week 2 - Engagement, Content, and Moderation

Week 3 - Community Operations & Workflows

Week 4 - Community Strategy Development

Week 5 - Community, Product & Support

Week 6 - Community Outcomes: Content, Acquisition, and Retention

Week 7- Community & Business Health

Week 8 - Being An Internal Community Expert

Week 9 - Career Paths & Specialization

Week 10 - Career Fair & Mock Interviews

Weeks 11 & 12 - Personalized Career Services

Check your availability for the live sessions on the full program schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

C School is for aspiring community management professionals ready to make a commitment to getting their first job in community management. C School is an especially good fit for those looking to grow their career in community management beyond their first startup or tech role. The most qualified students for the program will have highly developed transferrable skills in collaboration, independent time management, and written and verbal communication.

Currently, C School is only available to applicants who are 18 years and older and who are legally allowed to work in the United States. This program is fully remote; but best suited for applicants in EST, Central, and PST time zones.

Why is C School different?

In a professional landscape where companies seeking community managers are at an all-time high and experienced professionals are in-demand and in short supply, C School is a first-of-its-kind training program poised to produce the most well-qualified early-career community managers on the market. While in the past, community managers have rarely received domain-specific training and have had to learn on the job through trial and error, C School graduates will be trained to lead and scale community strategies using best-practicesβ€”making them competitive candidates even against community managers with one or two years of experience without access to our training.

C School is built by the team that brought you The Community Club, an innovative professional network for community builders that's frequented and beloved by some of the top professionals in the field. C School is the first program designed specifically to help aspiring community managers build the skills they need for their first role, and offers an unparalleled hands-on approach to help graduates succeed on the job market. Plus, C School was built by experienced community managers who have done the job before. Joining C School is less like enrolling in another online course and more like having a team of professional community managers dedicated to helping you make a career shift.

What is the time commitment?

C School students can expect to spend about ten hours per week on live classes, peer group sessions, and independent study combined throughout the course of twelve weeks. Most live sessions take place in the range of 4:30pm-7pm EST.

You can view the entire schedule to check your availability here.

How much does the program cost, and what are my payment options?

In a typical C School cohort, full student tuition will be $5,000 USD, and students who are hired through our program will have the opportunity to earn back a minimum $2,500 USD in the form of an education fee from our partnering employers (although partnering employers are encouraged to reimburse our students full investment when they hire through our program).

However, for our first cohort, we're waiving our education fee for partnering employers and guaranteeing all students a discounted full tuition of $2,500 USD.

We also offer three, six, or twelve month payment plans for students looking to finance their career change on a more flexible timeline.

Lastly, we maintain a scholarship program designed to help us ensure our cohort includes the most qualified applicants, regardless of their ability to payβ€”as such, we encourage prospective students to apply regardless of their ability to finance the program.

Why this price?

C School tuition is this price because our team wants to offer the best possible training to prospective community managers. We believe our graduates will be well-equipped to succeed in the job market, and expect graduates will be compensated in their first role in the range of $65-75k USD annually, with lots of potential for growth. While many career change programs require students to commit 10-15% of their prospective salary to their education, we believe our students total investment will be more like 4%.

What's more, while there are lots of amazing educational resources available for community managers, C School is the only program on the market offering this level of dedicated, live instruction and career services for job seekers. Creating a program that's this hands on and comprehensive requires full-time staff dedicated to building and executing. We know that for many students, this program will be an investment, and we're dedicated to making that investment worthwhile and offering flexible payment plan and scholarship options for students who are qualified but unable to fund the program.

Have any additional questions? Contact our team at cschool@community.club.